Health Safety & Enviroment Policy

ALEBDA is committed to undertake its operational activities to achieve the highest international standards of Health, Safety and Environment for its workers, clients and the community within which we operate.

ALEBDA takes pride in the following virtues:

  • »  The safety and health of the employee is of paramount importance.
  • »  Safety will take precedence over expediency.
  • »  All managers, supervisors and employees will be involved in the implementation of safety, health and environment protecting procedures.
  • »  Safety, health and environmental legislation will be complied with within the spirit as well as the letter of the law.
  • »  Client requirements with regard to safety, health and environment will be complied with.
  • »  Preservation of the environment and the community by preventing releases, spills, leaks and minimising hazardous waste products.

ALEBDA Objectives:

  • »  To reduce the incidences of work related injuries to AS lOW AS REASONABLY POSSIBLE.
  • »  To promote the health of workers and clients.
  • »  To operate a sustainable integrated waste management system.
  • »  To ensure the security of workers during their daily operations.
  • »  To train and develop workers to conduct their work in a manner which will achieve ALEBDA's objectives.

To continuously evaluate and improve our HSE performance. The HSE policy will be achieved through the integration of the policy in the company's operations guidelines and procedures and the maintenance thereof at all levels of the organisation.

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